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April 21st, 2023

Scott Mentorship Golf Tournament Group Community

We appreciate your donations to support the Scott Mentorship Charity Golf Event. Our goal was to raise funds for non-profit/charity organizations. We were fortunate to continue with our charity golf event. We received generous donations and are pleased to announce that we provided seven non-profit organizations with donations.

We are committed to recognizing “Outstanding” mentors, because of their commitment to helping others achieve success. There are numerous exceptional mentors and we encourage them to continue to develop people and organizations! We will continue to recognize special mentors whom inspired exceptional leadership, and in 2023 we recognized one “Outstanding” mentor:


Ms. Niesha Braggs  

We are honored that our non-profit organizations celebrate, promote, and support Veterans/youths, and community activities to develop individuals. We plan to host the charity golf event on April 19th, 2024, and would like your onsite support with players, sponsors, and donors. Please provide feedback/suggestions for our next tournament:


Abe Morrall

Charity Golf Event Coordinator

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