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PROJECT 2021 - Financial Education Course

Course Purpose: 

  • Educate middle school, high school, and college students about financial literacy and increase their financial knowledge of income management, budgeting, savings, and investing to thrive financially leading to opportunities to increase personal and community wealth.



  • Increase student’s financial knowledge and comprehension of money management and wealth building sharing income management, budgeting, savings, and investing.



  • Educate students on opportunities to accumulate funds/income (job, entrepreneurial endeavors, etc.).

  • Introduce students to basic budgeting:

    • Income 

    • Income taxes withheld (Pay Statement)

    • Expenses (home, utilities, food, family obligations, health & medical, transportation, debt payments, entertainment/recreation, pets, clothing) 

    • Investments and savings, and Miscellaneous items. 

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