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  • Veterans 'N' Transition Program honored Scott Outstanding Colonels for their leadership in mentoring numerous young officers at Scott AFB, IL in the 1980's

    • Colonel Clinton Black US Army Retired *

    • Colonel John D. Culver USAF Retired *

    • Colonel Allen W. Gray USAF Retired (Deceased)*

    • Colonel Walter J. Harrison, USAF Retired

    • Colonel Horace Humphries USAF Retired

    • Colonel William Linton USAF Retired

    • Colonel J. P. Morgan USAF Retired (Deceased)*

    • Colonel Walter Smith USAF Retired

    • Colonel Woodrow Wilson USAF Retired

    • *Note: Deceased

Appreciate Aspiring Professional Golfers - Chasity Cloud & Chlarity Cloud

Celebrating "Scott Mentor" Birthday 

Colonel (Retired) Walter Smith, USAF

December 16th, 2022

In Honor of Colonel (Retired) John D. Culver, USAF

Scott Mentorship Program Founder

In Honor of Colonel (Retired) Clinton J. Black, USA

Walt Clinton Black Will Juliusv2T_edited

Just Like Daddy Story by Michael Black
Just like Daddy

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